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Asaara – The Story Behind “What you do to me”

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Written By Asaara

Every female out here has experienced that stay up late all night talking on the phone type of love. Arguing and not wanting a phone call but sick if the call doesn’t come type of love. Ladies, do you remember loving a guy so much, that without that daily dose of him you we’re just sick? Yes, we all do!

“What you do to me” was actually in the works about a year before it was released. The funny thing is, I went through so many trials, and doubts, about releasing this song but I ultimately came to realize that the time was being pushed back because God had some things he needed me to do first before not only releasing this song, but also debuting as an artist. At the time of writing this song, I was in a totally different head-space than I was when I released it. When I put it out, I was more in a space as a young adult of actually experiencing my first actual love. So, it ended up meaning more to me when I put it out then when I wrote it. Love ain’t easy. But that was a lesson that came with late nights, tears, and repeated lessons. For me, like a lot of us, it happened young. That young love is even more addicting. You and him living life in the fast lane, doing a 100 in a 30. I was 19 at the time (I’ll be 21 this year). Essentially, the song grew with me; I wrote my antidote before I even had a need for the medicine. Because that love addiction, that addiction is stronger than a drug. The high is surreal. I remember sitting at the kitchen table turning on the beat and thinking “oh this a summer time, fun love type-joint.” Which was also the space I was in before entering my freshman year of college, and i introduced it to people in my life, and they loved it. I began my writing process, then linked up with my creative team and we perfected the lyrics. Then, my brother, Jamaal, who is actually featured on the song in the second verse, he is also one of my producers/vocal coaches. He is also a part of a group called “Tre’”, and, they write really great music as well. If you love chocolate men and some good RnB, then you’ll love them (lol). Anyways, Jamaal and I began deciding how we wanted to deliver the song in regard to key, melody, and ad-libs. Fast forward, a year later, the song is revisited because I decide like it was time. I came to conclusion that I had waited too many years and I was ready as an artist to put something out their to the public. To become vulnerable. And also, a year later, I’m in college, and I began experiencing a different feeling in myself and within my relationship. A more mature love, a more developed addiction to love.

Jamaal and I went in the studio. He was initially their to just support as a vocal coach, but then he ended up writing the second verse on spot, and hopping on the song then and there. He knocked his verse out in one take, we finished up in what was probably a 2-hour session, and the rest is “her”story. Currently, I’m working on some more songs that will just shed light on me as an artist; I think it’s important to be transparent for my fans because it allows for a very surreal connection. My newest single, “IJS,” was released in July 2018 and a lot of my fans, especially my ladies, will be able to relate. My more current songs attest to trials and tribulations of love more so now that I’ve matured and gone through what love actually is and how hard it can be such as “IJS” which I just put out. Which I feel a lot of females can relate to whether old or young because I remember being young and listening to things and loving those songs and now I understand them even more now that I’m older and boy they really get me through. So, yea more music coming very soon so be on the look out! You can download and follow these two songs and more to come at Follow my Instagram: @_asaara_ and subscribe to my YouTube Asaara Hill channel for upcoming work!

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