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Broadway Bisc – Let me talk to em

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Broadway Bisc – Let me talk to em

Broadway Bisc, born of Dominican and African-American descent. He grew up on Bryant Ave in Hunts Point neighborhood of Bronx, New York. His eyes opened to music watching his older brother Gerald Pratt (G-Staxx) and older cousin Edward Smith (E-Flamez) Dj in the bedroom. His older Brother Staxx was a well-known rapper around the neighborhood. So he would mock his brothers rap lyrics to himself in the mirror, in 2003 his brother and a group of friends released a mix-tape called The Movement and it would change Broadway’s life forever. At the age of 16 he formed a group named F.Y.B (Front line Young Bucks) that’s consisted of childhood friend. The group was short-lived, so Broadway took his career solo at the age of 18 where he begins paying for his own studio time. He started taking his craft a lot more seriously. He caught a little buzz in his area of the Bronx he started doing shows and traveling getting paid, he also dropped his first mix-tape on called Don’t Sweat My Fresh. He chose that name because the people in his neighborhood always said what up “Fly Guy”. Sense that first mix-tape he has been all over the internet, doing countless features and networking.With his career really taking off it is a matter of time before Broadway Bisc shine bright like the Broadway Strip.


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