Street Money DVD Magazine

In 2005, Isaac Houston and Shawn Eckles produced the first Street Money DVD Magazine. According to Shawn Eckles, the concept to make Street Money DVD Magazine came because they noticed that they had an exclusive collection of video performances from all of the events they had organized. “One day, Isaac called me and said he had a name and from that day, we launched the brand Street Money DVD Magazine,“ added Shawn. From 2005 -2010 they released 10 DVD's. However in 2010 they stopped production of the DVD magazine because Isaac was diagnosed with cancer and was unable to travel to conduct interviews. In 2014, Isaac passed away. In 2016, Shawn decided to bring back Street Money DVD Magazine with new host Chillay Chillz. Street Money DVD Magazine airs on People TV in Atlanta Georgia during the summer season, June -September 2016. below is the last Street Money DVD Magazine produced with Isaac Houston, titled “iHustle: Fresh Off Probation“. If you would like to be on Street Money DVD Magazine, email us at


Street Money Magazine