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Well if your watching this video, then that means we both made it! We’re here, the year 2020! A brand new decade full of countless possibilities. Leap Year at that! And before I continue on with the description of “The Making of Last Nite’ I just want to wish everyone who takes the time out to watch this video A Happy New Year and that #ThisIsYourYear to start, finish or accomplish what ever goals you have in between! I myself know oh too well that nothing goes as planned! However, with that being said, I also know that if you at least have a plan and attempt to follow through, you will still get positive results. Maybe not the exact results you wanted, but if the Goal was sincere, then your results will be as they should be. Now if you’ve been following me on my YouTube Legacy channel you will have already known that I have been promoting my debut project ‘HOTTER’ for 10 years now! I guess by now you could say that I’m “living by Faith” because I’m so far past just walking after this last past decade! (lol) And if you subscribe to my channel here on my new YouTube channel, you will get to see what I went through over the last ten years as I’ll also show you the ins and outs on this #NextLevel with my Vlog Series that’s coming soon! Now about “Last Nite’…. The “Double Disc Project” ‘HOTTER’ was more or less 90% written and recorded in 2009. However, that ten year journey full of ups and downs caused me to continue writing #Music. And in 2015 I wrote a new song titled “Last Nite”. And in the summer of 2016 I attempted to promote it as a single off my project without even recording it yet! (lol, who does that right? lol ) I even auditioned for #ShowtimeAtTheApollo with this song in the Summer of 2017 still yet not recorded! (I wonder if Showtime At The Apollo could show that performance so that My Mother can see it.) Anyhow, it wasn’t until late Summer 2019 that I would record this song ‘Last Nite’. But even finally getting around to recording it wouldn’t be easy. I had been going back and forth to this studio two maybe three times networking and vibe-ing with the engineer I was to work with. But still the time seemed not to be right. I mean it got to the point where it wasn’t even about money, because I had already paid for my sessions but had to keep rescheduling. Then on this day (The day the video was made) I was soo sick and under the weather that I called and attempted to reschedule again. But this time The owner’s Partner advised me that “You never know”. Now she knew I hadn’t been feeling great, however she also knew that sometimes adversity isn’t adversity at all. Sometimes, your supposed to fight wounded. Just means that clearly your a fighter and also means that what your fighting for is worth the sacrifice of pain you endure to obtain what your fighting for. So I eventually was convinced to come to the studio that night. And although I felt horrible all day prior to going to the studio, (I mean I was popping OTC meds, drinking water, tea, Thera flu, I mean anything not to have to reschedule again ) I still went. And although it was evident at the beginning of the three hour session that I wasn’t feeling the best, it ended up being a somewhat of a Magical Night! Especially when I talk to my Mother the same night and she convinces me to not only just stay when I was going to leave still, but she also gave me an old school secret to live by for future recordings! Now the version that you hear on my… or… or wherever you stream Music is the actual session from this night! I did however go back days later when I was in better health to finish up adlibs and what not and that version (The Official Version) should be released sometime this month. I guess the moral is to never give up, don’t quit, and if you can find your limit, test it and see if not there is more inside you…You just might be #HOTTER than you thought! (Ephesians 3:20) A special Thanks to… And Thank You to ALL of you! Please help me by following any of my social sites as to I have soo much in store for those who are in support of what I am doing! and if at the very least, please share or repost this video because with your Help, #ThisIsMyYear2! p.s. I know the video is kind of dark, but the way I see it, that’s where light usually shines the brightest! (Smile) ~Jones E…


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