Intelligent Diva releases new single ‘Boyshorts’

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Intelligent Diva releases new single ‘Boyshorts’

If you’re into super-catchy club music that mixes R&B, Hip-Hop and electronic sounds in a way that you’ve never heard before, then I invite you to check out the brand new single called ‘Boyshorts’ by lyricist and vocalist Intelligent Diva from Jacksonville, Florida.


This track starts off with a melody that I can imagine will be loved by millions of club-goers all over the world. Once the beat and the vocals start it becomes clear that this artist is serious. The lyrics will make you smile and amaze you at the same time. The single is inspired by her partner saying that he likes the way she looks in boyshorts, but at the same time the single also has a deeper message about being confident as a woman.

The interesting thing here is that while Intelligent Diva chooses to rap rather than sing, you can hear that she has a very powerful voice and a look at her official ‘Portfolio’ page on her website confirms that she has been singing in church since the age of 9. You can hear her new album Seduction which is on all platforms. Below is the link to the Spotify  platforms where you can check it out.

This entire track is not only written in a very clever and entertaining way, it is also mixed and mastered to perfection. If you are into artists like Nicki Minaj, this artist is for you! Not only is the music remarkable, Intelligent Diva has a style that will make you remember her and she definitely stands out above all the ‘noise’ in today’s music industry. I would describe her visual style as vintage (in a good way) and it actually compliments the music.

Intelligent Diva is definitely one of those,  who is here to stay. With her several hits, Boyshorts, Sexy Walk, Submit To You, and her album Seduction. Not to mention the artist is also a label executive for Intelligent Diva Music and Foremost Records. The artist has also expanded her brand where she is acting , modeling . So for all those reasona  check out the versatility of this artist and listen to the brand new single ‘Boyshorts’ on Spotify! Here are other official links:




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