How Did BandGang Paid Will Die? Detroit rapper Paid Will dies at age 27

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How Did BandGang Paid Will Die? Detroit rapper Paid Will dies at age 27.
BandGang’s Paid Will has reportedly died, with many fans and collaborators taking to social media to mourn the Detroit rapper’s passing.
Word of Paid Will’s death reached social media late on Monday evening, with his name reaching the top of Twitter’s trends and many taking to his Instagram page to offer condolences. Many close to him appeared to confirm his passing, though details were not yet reported.
His reported death comes just months after the murder of Detroit rapper Jizzle P, a rising star and another member of BandGang.
Details of his death were not yet known, including exactly when and how he died. Though there has not yet been an official statement from family or representatives of Paid Will, those close to him appear to have confirmed the tragic news.
Masoe, another member of BandGang, wrote a series of messages confirming that he had died and mourning his loss. He expressed regret that he could not have been there for his friend.
“Im so sorry lil bro!!” he tweeted. “I’m yo big brotha I’m supposed to have yo back”
As the news reached social media, many fans and fellow artists took to Paid Will’s Instagram page to share heartbroken messages. His final post, which was shared on Thanksgiving Day and showed off his watch and sneakers, turned into something of a memorial for those who knew him. Fans of his music shared messages of shock, and many who worked with Paid Will remembered his influence on the industry.
Detroit artist Neisha Neshae offered condolences, writing “RIP” with a pair of praying-hands emoji.
“RIP MY BRO PAID WILL,” wrote Hitta J3, a California rapper who had collaborated with his group.
Einer Bankz, a producer known for his acoustic collaborations with rappers while playing a ukulele, also shared a heartbroken emoji. Bankz had performed with members of BandGang, including Paid Will.
His loss comes after fellow BandGang member Jizzle P. was murdered in September.
“I couldn’t see his face at all the fire from the gun it was just too…” his mother said. “I’m going to be strong for him. That’s why. He don’t want me to cry, he don’t want me to mourn — and he don’t want to be on a t-shirt.”
“Rest Easy Paid Will & Jizzle P, two legends the city lost this year, in less than a month,” one person tweeted. “Detroit knows how much of impact they had and more. Everyone be safe & prayers to Bandgang & Shredgang”

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