Parlae Of Dem Francise Boyz On Why He Had Strong Words For Nas

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Parlae From Dem francise Boyz stopped by the Hip Hop Uncensored podcast for the first time to speak on coming at Nas in the past.Parlae said Hip Hop is a tool we use to avoid violence, gun play and everything else that comes with the streets, it’s Music, we’re expressin ourselves, we havin fun, nobody is trying to hear about ancient scriptures and sh*t, n*ggas is trying to get with b*tches, go read a book if you’re tryna get educated.. Its always the over the hill rappers tryna get back in the game and diss the hottest thing out, which right now is the South. It’s a movement. this aint 96, nobody is checkin for Nas anymore. Just because we dont live to a certain type of hip hop code he does, we aint hip hop?

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