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The Covid 19 Pandemic has made people really have to look at their persona, image and character.  Constantly hearing about death, not knowing if going outside will get you sick, and being on edge because you don’t know if your employment situation will change due to an outbreak has become almost normal for the citizens of the United States.  Over the past 5 years, former military veteran, now rapper, Rell G has gone from helping secure people in different locations around the world to watching family members suffer from Covid and a short period of homelessness. 


His passion to make music and share his real life experiences has led to the creation of his 3rd album titled Pandemic.    Rell G felt that it was necessary to put out an album before the pandemic ended.  The Pandemic features 14 original tracks that give you true insight to the man and artist known as Rell G.  The introduction to the album takes you back to his military days with a cadence that symbolizes his exit from the military into civilian life.  The album then shifts to his experiences being back home and out of the military.  


The first single released from the album Pandemic was Waste No Time which has been streamed over 10,000 times.  The album also features a song titled My Pain that expresses how he feels by not being able to see his son.   Another song on the album that has generated some controversy is his song titled Black Love.  Black Love is a song about the injustices against black people, not only from white people, but from other black people included.  The song touches on the fact that black people kill black people and that black people are not working together like other races do.  The inspiration for this Black Love came to Rell G  because his father was killed by a black man when he was a teenager.


After his father was murdered, he realized that he had to be a man and he did not want to be a mama’s boy.  The Military taught Rell G time management, discipline, how to take care of himself and his surroundings, and to do the right thing when no one else is watching.   These experiences have made Rell G approach being a father and being there for his family in a different light.  He believes that this worldwide Pandemic has made him grow up and focus on what he needs to do as a man. He is currently recording music and in film school and working on his upcoming album Apology .  

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