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Kobra (Alexandris Morales) was born and raised in the city of Buffalo, Ny. Kobra stepped in front of a mic at the age of 17, and was hooked instantly. Rappers like “Chinx Drugs, Future, and others, have helped to shape the influence around Kobra’s sound. He has been writing and compiling his recorded music since age 17, and is rumored to have over 100 release-ready songs.

Man On A Mission Mixtape

Song Title: “Alpha”

Mixtape Name: “Man On A M.I.S.S.I.O.N”

Kobra’s Smartlink:

Kobra’s Social Media:

Record Label Name: “W.N.Y Records LLC” (aka “Why. Not. You Records”)
Label Website-

“DJ Ceasel”

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