Hot ATL Rapper & Talk Show Host Crystal Lalucci gets intimate with JLC, Rapper & CEO of independent Label A.A.G. RECORDS

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What’s in the dark always comes to the light. Our team has found the secret intimate relationship being hidden between Crystal Lalucci and JLC.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, JLC has been on fire in the music industry. His fanbase has grown exponentially due to his ability to drop hit after hit with top tier lyricism and flows that glide over any beat he jumps on. JLC has since been in his bag, leveling up like his influences Master P and P Diddy, launching his own record label, A.A.G. RECORDS. As his fame continues to rise, he has been keeping his private life under wraps, but that all changed when our team was contacted by a close source with some juicy details on the CEO Rapper. Leaked information is rumored to show proof of the rapper’s connection with the illuminati as well as some big-time collaborations in the works with a number of underground artists. But the tea is really in what the source walked into an ATL hotel to see. JLC was in a compromising position with none other than steamy rapper and talk show host Crystal Lalucci. With her arms wrapped around his neck she pressed up against the rapper as his hands hugged below her waist. The source noticed JLC was wearing a wedding ring, but Crystal’s finger was all clear. Realizing they were being noticed they tried to play it off like a casual hi and bye, but the lipstick mark on his white T-Shirt says otherwise.

Being the superstars they are, there’s no way this secret can stay hidden for much longer, especially since we’ve got the scoop on the downlow. Our journalist team has been keeping a close eye on both of their successes. JLC shot up in the spotlight with his hit single “Loko” accumulating 1,000,000 views on Facebook and over 200,000 streams on Spotify. The rapper and label head honcho has attracted the attention of hip hop aficionado, Sway’s Universe along with popular entertainment platforms. However, he’s not the only one keeping busy. Crystal Lalucci has amassed a following that is beginning to rival the status of the barbs and the beehive with their growing support. Who can blame them, Crystal’s celebrity status and affiliations with others like Fabo and Lil Duval compliment the buzz from her single “Sweat” hitting over a 100,000 within the 1st two weeks. Things are getting sizzling, and we can’t wait to see how the story plays out as everything between the two comes to light.

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