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Jigg University was once considered a stage where dancers, in Baton Rouge, practiced and showcased their dance maneuvers. However, Jigg University, officially known as JU across the world, was relabeled as one of the most famous schools of merriment.

 After being relabeled as a party school, JU now operates as a record producing and distribution company, which has broadened the term “class comedian.”

JU looks for the best venues and special occasions and assembles the best local talent consisting of video makers, DJs, music artists, and dancers held Pep rallies at most clubs. All this is an integral part of JU’s student body which shuts down a classroom. However, passing this class is not as easy as you think.

Autasia and Rasheda De’loach: Two of the most famous names of Jigg University

Autasia and Rasheda De’loach are siblings and were part of Jigg University. Since their younger years, the siblings had an idea that they had been given the ability in the domain of sound as they were able to fix the areas of music where most people lacked or weren’t fluent. The duo was a powerful duo and possessed separate musical abilities.

Rashida was given control over the lyrics, due to which she could compose her unique pieces of music. He was also able to make remixes of some of the most popular songs.

Whereas, Auatisia held the ability to sing beautiful melodies in correspondence with a specific music genre. Both of their skills allowed them to produce brilliant music, which gives off major Jigg City vibes. Their talent also helped them to perform at some of the most popular clubs throughout Jigg City.

What is the duo doing now?

The unique talent of Rasheda is noticed by many popular artists and producers like Phunk Dawg and Russel Simons. This kind of attention has helped Rashida to showcase his talent on multiple occasions and platforms that have helped him achieve success in the music industry.

 Out of his many works, “Can’t Stop Jiggin” is one of the most popular tracks. When the same track was reproduced by one of his fellow musicians and ex-member of the Jigg University brand, HD4President, and soon gained millions of views, Rasheda knew he was on the verge of making his name in the music industry. The remixed version was also labeled as one of the most popular songs in the Jigg City.

Austasia, now a round-the-clock nurse, has also found a way to make time for her music. As a member of the band in her high and middle school, she quickly grasped the knowledge about different musical instruments and specific areas of music.

She also learned how to compose a piece of melodious music. All of this has helped Austasia to represent her talent to a vast audience. She has also gained a significant amount of popularity due to her work. Now Austasia discourses the matter through her writing. She also inspires the black community to speak on the domain.

By merging their talent, the duo has created exceptional music, which is not only popular in Jigg City. But all across the globe as well. You can listen to their music by going on the official social media account of Jigg City. You can also get access to their music by searching their profiles, which are @rashedaisthename and @autasiathegoddess.

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