Mont Dawg speaks passion through his new single “The Old Me”

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Everyone evolves for better or worse through their experiences in life. Rapper Mont Dawg represents the former in his new single “The Old Me.”

Cleveland Ohio artist Mont Dawg came into the game at the height of the pandemic and within a short span of 10 months his work ethic has testified to his grind. Charting his path into the industry was inspired by the betrayal felt by a once close friend who became consumed by jealousy and tried to end Mont Dawg’s life.

Having overcome the attempt on his life through the support and love from his daughter and family, Mont Dawg rose from life support only to be met with another hurdle. He would survive a 6-year bid behind bars to emerge a free man that conquered the streets with his music. To date, Mont Dawg has achieved a near impossible feat, releasing 12 music videos, 15 songs, and one mixtape that has been added to hip-hop’s sacred list of classics.

With his face getting love in Cleveland across three billboards, Mont Dawg decided it’s time to continue his takeover. The track “The Old Me” featuring Pete StaySwipin is his latest single that taps into his past to give to fans the composition of one of his deepest masterpieces. The track commences with the melodic undertones of Pete StaySwipin’s fluent vocals setting the mood for the smooth transition into Mont Dawg’s lyrically charged expression of emotions. Mont Dawg digs deep to paint scenes of vivid dreams that resonate his troubled upbringing under the roof of foster care childhood into the reality of getting bonded over at 16-years-old. “The Old Me” is layered with experiences that made him, but also shows the strength and character of the Ohio spitter. Even with life pressing down upon his come up, Mont Dawg never succumbed to the temptation of gangs while serving time in the penitentiary. Instead, the song details how his focus on success and financial freedom was the key that unlocked the chains to the person he knew he could be.

Mont Dawg is an artist ahead of his time yet everything the rap game currently needs. Follow the musical creative and connect with his life through his new single “The Old Me.”



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