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Im Patrick McCarty AKA: Pmack/kcirtaP. everytime we went to master the album some new songs happened that added so much to telling my journey. my album is about me coming back from literal dead, while getting sober from alcohol, embracing my own differences and making music full time to help me with my struggles, which in turn became my way to help other people sort through the tragedies that are happening. I’ve always been an empathic guy and helping out when I could, but now I am out helping people almost every day in real life and through the messaging in my music. I just want to use my voice inspire other artists to want to use their talents to help spread the good word about helping one another. so hopefully we stop just dumping so much on our friends and families codependently, cus we gotta take care of ourselves. there are so many people who can’t even do that, and are really struggling and those are the ones who really need our help. I realized how truly ungrateful some have been during the pandemic and political, racial unrest. but also how much in life there is to be grateful for. we just gotta unify and reject the hatefulness, because the ones stoking that are really the minority in this country now, so we have to culture and educate people that hate isn’t really based upon reality, it’s rhetorical bs spouted by leaders on the right to keep people under their control. my publishing and forthcoming production company ONE LOVE VIBE is about using our voices to speak for those who have been silenced and our hands to help others get back on their feet so we can have a society that respects and functions for everyone’s best interests. we are society, we just have to change the people setting our parameters as a people, ONE LOVE VIBE
thank you so much!

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