KI Back At It taps into the drill music sample scene

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New Jersey rapper KI Back At is on his way, as he has been making a name for himself in the drill music scene recently.
For the past 5 years or so, drill music has proven to be its own genre, destined to stick around forever, breaking barriers and uniting fans worldwide.
Rapper and producer KI Back At It, has been a drill music fan for well over a decade but has just started releasing drill music of his own in recent years.
Jersey club drill and regular drill are very different, but they both have insanely fast BPMs, overlapping samples, kicking drum triplets, and the hyperkinetic dances that go with them. Many people believe that all drill originated in Chicago, but the style first emerged around the turn of the century when Newark, New Jersey producers like DJ Tameil, Tim Dolla, and the Brick Bandits began to stray from their Chicago house roots!Adding a twist, toward the manic drum patterns of Baltimore’s club. Can’t forget that instead of repetitive hooks, bars and flows are being added!
Like Brooklyn and NYC Drill artists, KI brings his own uniqueness and sound to the drill music game. With over a million streams independently, KI Back At It is holding New Jersey down for Drill rappers. With the new wave/sample drill going around by artists like: Yungg faZzy, B- Lovee, Wan Billz to name a few, it’s rather hard not to listen and notice.
KI Back At It’s latest single: DRILL CHA CHA, is a fast-paced, high-energy, and positive track that’s sure to keep you drill stepping.

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