Atlanta Star on the rise Kalavonii should be your favorite rapper

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The city of Atlanta has given plenty to the hip-hop circuit for decades. Artists like Young Thug, Future, and Gucci Mane are just a few staples hailing from the city. Making it clear that the region is more than worthy of recognition. Now that rap is welcoming women with open arms, genre-influencing acts like Latto, Bktherula, and Baby Tate are paving the way for female newcomers. Although Kalavonii only takes a few steps into new territory, she executes well enough to justify any big artistic leaps. Rapping with a sexy sneer that fully evolves into a range of emotions, with the delivery of several cut-throat bars that aim to deliver the highest dose of disrespect possible towards her opponents. The Releasing of her single “STEPPIN” will have you doing the same no matter your gender. Fresh off her debut EP “Chameleon” the artist houses singles “NASTY” and “DM” that are already local club bangers. Chameleon is garnished with infectious hooks and metaphors with tact, which has left us to agree that this is our new favorite star on a rise.

“NASTY” feat. Astro Katt (Music Video)

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