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C.Nichole – Warning Shots – Urban (Reggae Infused)

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C.Nichole – Warning Shots – Urban (Reggae Infused)

C.Nichole took to Montego Bay to pay homage and film her reggae-infused “Warning Shots”. Being raised in the States but also attending university in London and throughout Ghana, “Warning Shots” is the first single from the “Christin SanDiego” volumes that include her traveling around the world to combine her love for different cultures and passion for music. With “side” partners and situationships being a trend, C.Nichole displays a union that cannot be broken and one that will be respected, hence the title “Warning Shots”. Most American artists are bound to their country, but with 79 countries under her belt, C.Nichole knows that music is global and has no bounds. “Christin SanDiego Vol. 1” will be released worldwide July 19th with the “Warning Shots” video officially being released July 7th while the single starts its circulation June 24th.

YouTube Link (Video/Stream): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZP5c1uG_5I

Bio: www.CNichole.com/bio  

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