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Camera used Beginning of movie sound was taken out. Because of copyright material. Synopsis Jay has it all a loving mother and a brother who looks up to him. Growing up in the Bronx he never knew the troubles of the hood until he meets his step-father Artie Secrets are disclosed and resurfaced which changes his life. Jay learns that his fathers past comes back to haunt him. He no longer lives a sheltered life, he’s faced with lies, betrayal and fear. If you love reality shows Rich people with poor problems, Then you love real people with real ones. Reality shows don’t get any realer than this. Please comment and subscribe to this channel. Enjoy the independent video by Directors in training Vera Edwards and Ricardo Cordero.The movie Chick-en is a script screening which means its an visual script. We shopped the paper script and received no answer. We are shopping it around hoping that a real director will purchase it and remake it and possibly use some of the original cast. 98% of the actors are first timers trying out acting. Some have moved on to become real actors or pursue their craft in the entertainment business.The movie Chick-ken has become part of their reel. The video Chick-en is copyright protected. This video has been edited from the original format to meet youtube guidelines. Thank you and please subscribe. FOR MORE AWESOME VIDEOS FACEBOOK   / street-line-video-1618131728431585   Read beginning credits and back credits when watching the movie for complete list. Music credits and listings are there also. Here are some of the names of the cast. Also read the credits for music. please subscribe. Click here to read extra credits    • Chicken Movie Credits  

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