DAVID RUFFIN JR | Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor, Model | NOW BOOKING FOR 2023-2024

The son of the Legendary, David Ruffin Sr (known as the lead singer for the Motown Group, The Temptation’s) we bring to you his son, the Actor, Songwriter, Producer and Recording Artist. 

               Featuring his latest single; “Cry, Cry, Cry”

                        Video Link; “Cry, Cry,Cry”

”Son of a Legend, but making my own way” After years of developing his own signature within the entertainment industry; Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Actor, Talk Show Host and Vintage Cadillac Enthusiast, David Ruffin Jr. Is still making new strides and new music with his crafted sound. His March 2022 Television Appearance on the FOX Primetime Show “I Can Hear Your Voice”, 2023 Co-Hosting of the “Motown Special” Theatre Tour with Denise Tichenor Davis and RevNation, his new music single release, upcoming Tribute Shows and the launching of his own television series are just a few of the things that he is working on. David is a Vintage Cadillac Enthusiast and spends his spare time restoring his collection of cars. You can view one of his prize collection cars in his recent video: Time of My Life –     https://youtu.be/M-sZ99hqbQM And we all remember that legendary hook line written and sung by David Ruffin Jr. from the iconic 90’s song “Gin and Juice” released by Death Jam Records sung by Snoop Dogg. 

It cannot be disputed that Ruffin has the charm and charisma of his father, Davis Ruffin Sr,  a Motown Legend, yet David Jr has found a way to breathe fresh life into the R&B sound that raised him.


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