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In the dynamic world of entertainment, each day brings a fresh perspective. The way recording artists enter the music industry is constantly changing. Renowned radio personality and record executive, Waleed Coyote, has been able to evolve himself and his business to navigate through these changes. He witnessed the industry transition from cassettes to CDs, then to MP3s, and onto streams, TikTok, and now augmented reality. Through his business, he is encouraging artists to stay independent, own their masters, and to understand their rights and royalties, because once a hit record is produced and distributed, the payments can last forever.

Waleed Coyote moved from Beirut, Lebanon, to the United States when he was 8 years old. By the time he was 11, he had become interested in hip-hop and rap music. Hearing N. W. A.’s “Straight Outta Compton” was a life-changing moment for him. He liked the rebellion, the sound, the vibration. While growing up in North Carolina, he was exposed to some very talented artists, and he felt like they weren’t getting a fair chance to have their music heard. This led him to start carrying the crates for DJs to get into the club.  While at Western Carolina, he started a show called “The Flip Side,” which became very popular. Additionally, he launched his record label, Othaz Records, during this time. That led to an internship at 102 Jams, which led to me being hired part-time at 102. This then led to a full-time position at the radio station doing nights. He was on the air for almost two decades.

Waleed Coyote has worked with platinum-selling artist DJ Luke Nasty and has distributed over 500 labels to date. Over the next five years, he plans to distribute music for 2, 000 to 3, 000 labels. He distributes through Empire, which provides an artist portal and gives them access to the technology they need to reach a larger audience. If a record starts gaining traction, they will begin to invest in it, bring it into the system, and figure out how to promote it further. One benefit of working with Waleed Coyote is that he will stop at nothing to try to make a hit record. Another benefit is that he focuses on working with people rather than working off of them. His plan is to guide and assist artists. If the record is successful, he can step in and direct the artists towards financial benefits from their music.

If you would like more information about music distribution, call 919 588 4766 or scan the QR code below.  


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