DJ Smiles: From Industry Dreams To Touring With Hip Hop’s Most Famous

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DJ Smiles turned his dreams into reality, becoming a renowned DJ enlisted by some of hip hop’s most elite for his talent and ear for music.

Iowa native, Jibri Petroske came up admiring the works of musicians like the late prolific street activist, Nipsey Hussle. Jibri didn’t simply categorize music as sound but something that could impact the world and inspire moods in listeners no matter their background or location. That passion directed his focus into becoming DJ Smiles, the smiling DJ.

His skills with blending music and controlling a crowd were welcomed, and soon his status caught the eyes of major artists in the game. Moving from Iowa to Atlanta, DJ Smiles continued to form bonds and wow fans at venues and events that saw patrons being given an unforgettable experience at each of his sets. He was as a magician with the ability to curate music that was like ecstasy to any audience. His name became synonymous with having a good time and a moment that fans would remember for the rest of their lives.

It comes to no surprise that his skills were recognized by mainstream artists, taking him on tour across the globe. DJ Smiles has toured with rappers like Chicago’s Polo G for his Hall of Fame tour, where he was on sets with the artist, Lil Poppa. It was an achievement few of his peers could call their own, but DJ Smiles earned every right to be on platforms with the biggest stars. He plans on becoming more involved in the tour scene, with fans soon to be hearing more from his work in an upcoming summer tour which he will be a part of.

DJ Smiles is creating good vibes and spreading smiles to patrons wherever his skills are heard. Follow him online and stay tuned for tour dates to experience the musical sensation in person.

Instagram: @_djsmiles

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