Fresh Out II KC Hood Films Directed Filmed & Edited By Jackie Terry

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Fresh Out II puts your right into the middle of a all out police vs drug dealer war. In this movie you will see it all police corruption, gang violence, racisms and police brutality. this is the harsh reality we live in and sadly the scenes you will see in this movie is apart of everyday life in the hood. Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe let me know what you think. Shout to the amazing actors in this movie Starring Paris High, Shantaile Jackson, Xray Vizion, Cook Da Driver, YGKC, Troy Bennett, John Davis, Jackie Terry, Michael Burrell, Ramiro Lopez, Isaiah Brantley, Justin Long, Megan Hitchcock Smith, Tutu LadyDuecy, Flye Bishop, King Zay, Darnell Jones, Laronda Leveringston, Charles Herndon, Shay Scroggins, Requan, Mannie, Lune M Styles & Kesha Wright

Felicia Johnson

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