(HOOD MOVIE 2018)”BLURRED DISTRACTIONS” Directed by & Starring “Legaxy86”

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Written & Directed by:Legaxy86 It All Begins with The Murder of “Alonzo’s” Girlfriend Ranae.On his Path to Revenge he gets Distracted by a Couple Decoys Along the way . including his Friend “P.Scrilla” You’re in for an Adventure πŸ’― This film I Must say is a (MUST SEE)🎬πŸŽ₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ (2019)LISTEN🎡🎡 TO LEGAXY86 ALBUM –    β€’ Mixtape 2019 “PAIN IZ MUZIK”-Legaxy86  #Legaxy86#BlurredDistractions#BORN2WRECKENTDONATIONS FOR BLUREED DISTRACTIONS 2🎬πŸŽ₯ PayPal.Me/agreen335 ALSO WATCH OTHER VIDEOS ON THIS CHANNEL   β€’ (2019 T-SHIRT & PANTIES) X Legaxy86     β€’ NIPSEY HUSSLE COVER Legaxy86– RESPEC…     β€’ Charge it 2 da Game- Legaxy86  Follow Legaxy86 on INSTAGRAM   / legaxy86   DON’T NEED ANY MOVIE IDEAS…BORN 2 WRECK ENT. HAS MORE THAN ENOUGH,THANKS FOR THE EMAILS. To Book Legaxy86: Legaxy86@gmail.com (FOR ACTING & MUSIC PURPOSE ONLY) MONEY IS REQUIRED FOR SONG FEATURES & ARTIST TO ACT IN ANY PROJECTS. OTHERWISE DO NOT CONTACT. FILM ONLY FOR PROMOTIONAL USE-NON PROFIT

Felicia Johnson

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