Hunxho – Let’s Get It [Official Video]

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The official video for Hunxho’s “Let’s Get It” from his mixtape ‘Street Poet 2’ – Out Now! Stream ‘Street Poet 2’ on all platforms: Commissioner: Tashana Ventura Director: Azzie Scott Production Company: The Dream Dept. Producer: Carla Michelle Johnson Hailing from the East side of Atlanta, Hunxho, releases the music video for “Let’s Get It” Subscribe: Follow Hunxho: LYRICS Yeah we piped up whole gang blick two tone Fuck it , rude flow Penthouse , roof floor School a bitch juco He popped his gun he juiced up Ion even smoke but if I did my blunt be to stuff Fuck it I ain’t gone buss in her I’m just gone pull out Got two sticks inside da couch and it’s a pull out Yeah I’m on my gang shit Whole gang bang bang shit Whole thang gang shit In the Benz I’m trynna lane switch Shooting Shit …. Still free lil John and I’m with rude wick Deep inside they know I’ll whack em just be on cool shit I got dis fully automatic it came wit a switch Swerving through the back street str8 up out da yea yea Everybody got a blick and they wit it hell yeah Shawty give me egg head Shawty give me dumb head Lil bra on them percs and he gone chew it just like gum yea Free lil dek out the can know he going dumb yea She gone charge you for that pussy Ian trippin you a bum yea Stick wit a drum yea Hole in one , hole in head Yea , yea , yea let’s get it x2 Nigga ain playing ima pop my gun Yung nigga shit I ain’t shooting no one Came from nun I’m moving up Opp play opp dead slid on him douley truck Speeding just like Ricky Ian talking bout no Rubio In The trap like a boobey do Got spots just like scooby doo If I go out ima go out I can’t go out wit no bullet proof Hell yeah they know my whole gang popping (x2) Rollie Rollie Rollie on my wrist feel like a kid now ion play bout smoke if you want beef then you get gunned down Eli in this bitch he so geeked up that he can’t come down Ran off with his money I just gave is ass the runaround I’m str8 out the hood sum how I feel in love w gun sounds Bigger den the trump tower Beat it up throw in towel Monkey nuts 100 shots please don’t get gunned down Walk em down like NLE now he can’t run now Aye aye aye let’s get it #Hunxho #LetsGetIt #StreetPoet2 #OfficialVideo

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