Kilo M.O.E is back with another hit titled “Whole Man”

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Maurice Jones AKA Kilo M.O.E is former bodybuilder and Personal Trainer who has been on the underground rap scene for over 25 years. . Kilo M.O.E . Started a digital record label and multimedia company in 2012 named O.M.G Entertainment, Inc. O.M.G Entertainment, Inc. is based in southwest florida.

Over the last 9 years, O.M.G Entertainment, Inc., has released 5 studio albums, six mixtapes and several videos promoting Kilo M.O.E. As OMG boasts an extensive distribution catalog of many independent artists, a digital radio station known as Weon radio/weonnation and a catalog of services that are used to help market and promote artist.

Song: Whole Man
Album: Ole Pierepont
Label: O.M.G Entertainment, inc.
IG: @Tha_grizz
Twitter: @omg_moe
FB: @kilomoe <- Google Knowledge Panel

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