LAST SHOT | Free Full Urban Crime Drama Movie | Cody N. Carter, Chris Cream, Carlo Campbell

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A young man is released from prison with a chance to turn his life around, but the streets haven’t changed since he left and the same hate, regret, and fear waits for him on the other side of the wall. It’s tough to play it straight when his world is so crooked and it’s hard to see who’s good and who’s bad when all the lines are blurred. Can he ever really be free? Starring: Cody N. Carter, Chris Cream, Carlo Campbell, Dominic King, Melanie Dipiero Directed by: Terrence Arlyn #LastShot #freemovies 🔴 Want to be notified when we post new videos? SUBSCRIBE to the channel and click the bell icon – This film is under a non-exclusive license from Vision Films Copyright © 2019 Vision Films NOTICE: All of the films uploaded to FilmIsNow are legally licensed, and we have YouTube rights for specific territories. For any copyright issues, please reach out to us first before filing a claim with YouTube. Send us an email at detailing your concerns and we’ll make sure the matter is resolved immediately Contact us for any partnership inquiries, content submissions or other requests at #FilmIsNow Movies is the no. 1 to watch free full movies (action, thrillers, horror, drama) and the best thought provoking documentaries. The FilmIsNow team is dedicated to providing you with all the best content because just like you we are big movie fans.

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