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CHECK OUT MY NEW MOVIE    • Tubi Hood Movie ( Short Film ) Based …   Hood Movie ( New 2018 Movie The Blood On Your Hands ) Rated R Best friends decide to break into a drug dealer home, in search for weed, drugs, and guns but all they could find is $100,000 that was stashed away inside a book safe. After the robbery Jay Informed Rail that his sister is pregnant and as a congratulation gift he gave rail an extra $20,000. on the way home Jay mind was in a million places because the way Rail was acting, when Jay walked inside his house his whole world collapsed when he discovered that is sister Jasmine had been murdered . Movie Wrote / Directed and Edited By ItsMookie Thank you for Watching! Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT & SHARE for everybody… Part two of this Movie    • #1 Hood Movie ” The Plug ” ( Hood / G…   Once a young man hit rock bottom and is unable to provide for his family he turns into a stick up kid. His life consist of robbing and killing everyday and now his goal is to be the biggest dope dealer in the world. Follow Mook mookie Follow Mook mookie

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