Ruffstar | State of Emergency

Ruffstar | State of Emergency

Ruffstar an singer, songwriter, producer,and businessman. Known as the “Ruffstar Family”. Ruffstar is one of the most dedicated figures who change the rap world in Europe. Ruffstar grew up in America, London and Spain.

During his career, his contribution’s to music, coaching, and as a businessman, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in the Netherlands music culture.

Singer and songwriter Ruffstar, influenced artists across many music genres; through his lyrics and stage performances. Hé popularized his career with releasing more then 32 albums, helping artist from different countries, organizing music festivals when he was just seventeen years old, and publishing his first hardcopy magazine’s worldwide, which he gave the name, Global Smokers.

Artist Ruffstar is a successful Entertainer of all time with his vibrating music. He was the first Hip Hop artist in the Netherlands which inspired the Hip Hop culture in Netherlands. He was then, the only Hip Hop singer who was sign to a Recordlabel with the song Hoogvliet je weet niet wat je ziet.


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