Shakedown Sending Shockwaves Through the Music Industry

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In an industry overflowing with rappers reaching for the throne, Shakedown is clearing a path to the top of the ladder.

Coming up in Minneapolis Minnesota known as the Murder App North Minneapolis, Ernest Chris ketter had ambitious dreams of making it mainstream in the rap game. Studying the craft through big name artists, those dreams got the push they needed by his best friend, Earl Malone. After Earl passed away a few years back, Ketter had to realize his dream for them both. His stage name, Shakedown, began growing in the industry with his dedicated work ethic and talent on the mic.

Shakedown was once wilding in the streets with his peers but was now wilding in the booth killing beats. His music has evolved over time, adapting his skill range to encompass various styles, subject matter, and flows. When he hits the booth, the music comes naturally based on his mood and mental state at that time. This has brought an unprecedented level of versatility not often seen in the current landscape of rappers.

With his fame steadily growing, Shakedown continued his winning streak with the release of his latest single, “4Nem” featuring his homie Lil Zay Osama known for the street banger “Danny Block.” The track appears on Shakedown’s new album, “The Wizard” now out on all streaming platforms gaining a buzz throughout the industry.

Shakedown has put in the grind to make it to where he’s at and he’s nowhere near yet finished. Follow the Minneapolis rapper to stay up to date on all he has in store for 2022.





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