Philly Blocks – CEO (Prod. By DP Beats)

Philly Blocks – CEO (Prod. By DP Beats) It’s the Crown Prince of the Ville after giving you the highs & lows of hood life in the Ville (Louisville,ky) with “Days of our lives” then taking you back down memory lane with “Average” now Philly blocks returns with another batch of Bar’s packed with self […]

Funk Sway

Funk Sway (AKA Jose Simmons) grew up in Washington, DC. His love for music started at the age of 7 while playing his first Casio keyboard.  This passion encouraged him to learn how to play drums,  join various Go-Go bands in high school and to perform his music in the DMV (DC, Maryland and Virginia) […]

Vwillz – Take Me Home

Vwillz – Take Me Home PoweredByCMG Artist, Vwillz continues his dominant run with the release of the second part of the two part EP series “Before The Storm – Night” EP. The new EP was led with lead singles “Fairy Tale” & “Pray For Me”. Unlike “Before The Storm – Day” EP which showcased Vwillz talent […]

JonesEvision World Television

JonesEvision World Television Well if your watching this video, then that means we both made it! We’re here, the year 2020! A brand new decade full of countless possibilities. Leap Year at that! And before I continue on with the description of “The Making of Last Nite’ I just want to wish everyone who takes […]

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