Tha Eastsidaz – (Full Movie)

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Tha Eastsidaz – The Movie : IMDb :… Follow Tha Eastsidaz :   / thaeastsidaz   Director: Michael Martin ℗ Executive producer: Snoop Dogg 2000 © Writers: Michael Martin, Snoop Dogg Cast : Snoop Dogg, Darryl Brunson, Big Tray Deee, Goldie Loc, RBX, Xzibit Warren G, Suga Free, Soopafly…. Snap, Crackle, and Pop are top dogs in the Eastsidaz gang in Long Beach. Pop, also known as Killa, is the alpha dog. He has Crackle and Snap set up a big drug deal that’s going to put him on easy street. But Crackle and Snap have their own agenda: they kill the suppliers, take a suitcase of money, and set up Killa to take the fall. Stuck in the state pen in Chino, Killa has his gang figure out what really happened while he hatches an escape plan. Meanwhile, Crackle has kidnaped Killa’s sweetie, Booboo, and the government has confiscated his assets. Can Killa Pop escape Chino, rescue Booboo, exact revenge, find the loot, and elude the police?

Felicia Johnson

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