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THC- The High Cannabis is a Yaada Cinema original Jamaican movie feature.THC the movie is written by Tarno McFarlane and directed by Kevan Madourie. WATCH THE FULL MOVIE, LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE AWESOME MOVIES AS SOON AS THEY ARE POSTED. Also LEAVE A COMMENT and let others know what you would do if you were able to use the full potential of your mind. All stunts were performed by the actors in a safely choreographed manner so please don’t attempt any of these moves at home. This film is purely a work of fiction and meant solely for the purpose of entertainment. The characters, institutions and events depicted in the film are fictional and have been used for cinematic reasons for dramatizing the performances and incidents portrayed. Any similarity/resemblance to any person living or deceased or any institution, or any actual event is purely coincidental and unintentional. Nothing in the film is intended to defame any person living or deceased or any institution. The film makers [and all associated with the film] do not intend to disrespect, impair or disparage the beliefs or sentiments of person(s) or community(ies),religion(s) or nationality(ies). Certain expressions are used in the film purely for dramatizing the performances and the film makers [and all persons associated with the film] do not support the use of such expressions by any person.All props in this movie such as money,siren,radio etc are registered by the owner for relevant use in photography and videography. “No animals were harmed during the making of this film” #thcmovie #jamaicanmovie #yaada

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