THE COME UP [Director’s Cut] -(2020 MOVIE) – New MUSIC!!! / New SCENES!!! / New CELEBRITIES!!!

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Everything is good when you’re making money, but what happens when the feds kick in your door? Who’s going to feed your kids? You think your girl is going to wait for you faithfully, and send you money until you get out?? For real. If you’re making money, and having nice shit… and the feds come busting in your door right now… Do you have any type of paper trail for where any money has come from? You wont be the first to be sitting in prison thinking… “How did this happen to ME?” I was in the same position fam… and that’s why I made this movie… It’s the game. Take it and get on your feet with it. Watch this movie as much as you need to… That’s why I got it up here for you for FREE!!! And I got an ALL STAR CAST for you too… CARL PAYNE from “MARTIN” SPANKY HAYES from “Wildn’ Out” HAHA DAVIS = Internet Celebrity (7 Million Followers) FastLife Tell is in here… RIP… Cash Kidd – “On my momma” in here… Officially GP and Red Karpet on here… The Boss Hogg Macaroni… (My street mentor #MackoftheYear is on it) and the game everybody was putting down on here is LEGENDARY… I’m honored to be able to present it to you and that’s why we work so hard on it and we keep putting it back out better… With the game clearer… So that you will see it… Become an Entrepreneur and cake up to the ceiling on these niggas in a way where they can’t take it from you… Where you can ride nice shit and not have to worry about getting flicked… so you don’t have to run and duck and dodge child support because you don’t have the money to pay for your kids this month… Nah… You can just set up a business and get papered up like everybody else… It ain’t hard… It’s just a SECRET… and the secret is that the shit is easier than working a job… that’s why they don’t want you to learn it… Then you wouldn’t need them… FWM – KING …….. Come join the movement: I ain’t finished with you… I got some more and some more We just getting started. It’s money to make out here fam. Let’s get it. Get a pair of Medusa head Xiii’s: To Audition for movies go to: To Become an Investor or Sponsor: Thank you & we appreciate all the support, Ashei Khan Executive Producer Guerrilla King Films #TheGuerrillaKing #HoodMovies

Felicia Johnson

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