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Radio songs are evaluated weekly based on the most popular songs, ranked by radio airplay audience impressions based on monitored airplay compiled by Luminate. As an independent artist who’s a multi -genre artist, she has successfully hit a milestone in her career by having two songs to hit the BDS charts on Internet Radio. Her first single “Sinner’s Prayer landed on the Gospel Internet Radio Chart last month in April. But this time, the artist has returned back to the Internet Radio Charts under R&B, HipHop and Mainstream with her hit single “Baby I Love You”, debuting at #1.

The artist Intelligent Diva says, this feels amazing!  She tells us the road which she has been traveling of being an independent artist, with her own record labels, and music publishing has been a tough journey. Not only is it not easy. The set -backs and disappointments sometimes can be enough to make you want to quit. As an independent artist you don’t have the budget of a major label, so you have to be able to deliver quality at budget which you can afford and expect realistic results.  Therefore, she has to make her focus to only being realistic about what she can deliver successfully.  As an independent artist with her own record label, she understands that she doesn’t have the social media fan base to draw the attention of a major label wanting to sign her. She also doesn’t want to worry about owing tons of money back to a label or having a project shelved.  Intelligent Diva is more interested in partnerships. Her blue-print is different and the layout involves an independent movement which will bring music and technology together giving independent artist a platform to deliver high quality content, and offering products and services under every aspect of the music industry. She is merging all of her talent’s together to expand her brand, and utilizing strategies which are still expensive, yet more cost effective.

Radio has been the main source in which Intelligent Diva has been able to get her music heard. Intelligent Diva is a global artist where she has charted on the indie charts in the US and Europe. The artist has a top designated market area which is Baltimore listening to her music in the US In the radio market this area is ranked at #21 with a metro population of 2,460,300, a Hispanic population of 153,800 and African American population of 739,000.

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