THE PRICE (FULL MOVIE) Oakland, Cali Hood Movie || Directed By @HOOKERBOYFILMZ510

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When 3 childhood friends. CORY , DION , MIKE That grew up in the wildest Parts of East Oakland CA. They became a Product of Their Environment Cory’s (C MONEY) (Played by LEE )parents sold drugs all his life. He had mostly everything he wanted. Mike (HEAVY) (Played by 98 Twain) Both his parents were passed away. He was raised by the streets. He was so uncontrollable his grandmother was forced to kick him out at an early age. because of his behavior Dion (BIG DAWG) (played by Hooker Boy) Parent’s was drugs bad. So He did what he had to do to survive So little Cory house was the hang out spot. Since they were kids. Playing video games, Until they got older. One day Big Cory came and blessed them with 2 kilos of cocaine a piece that changed their lives for the worst. They took over the hood had the most consistent trap house. Which had everybody else mad. PJ (Played by Fame) Started speaking rumors about Dwg and his crew putting out bad dope. Word got around that Big Cory Robbed and shot of one of the biggest drug dealers (DAWN THE. BOSS) daughter Robin (LADY FAYTAL) and stole 18 kilos of coke from her. So she sent her goon’s (FOOTZ DA BEAST) and (LV THA DON) to make him pay THE PRICE CAMERS BY @hookerboyfilmz510 @CEEZALINOVISUALS @countrytimefilmz4201 INSTAGRAMS @HOOKERBOYFILMZ510 @COUNTRY_TIME_FILMZ @CEEZALINOVISUALS

Felicia Johnson

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