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Thug Literature vol. 1 by Nature | Coming Soon

The Eyes & Ears of the Street

Thug Literature vol. 1 by Nature | Coming Soon

Nature x Da General x Will Hall Celebrity

Nature | Q &A With Street Money Magazine

Street Money Magazine:What inspired you to start rapping?

Nature: My older brother Teon “Eloheem” Bruner, everybody that was associated with GripTight, and Nas.

Street Money Magazine: How long have you been rapping?

Nature: I wrote my first rap in 8th grade, I don’t even know how many bars it was… I didn’t record until 2007 or so. And I would take 2-3 hiatuses here and there, lack of commitment to my blessing and to the game.

Street Money Magazine: What was your first memory of Street Money DVD? Magazine?

Nature: Isaac i-Hustle riding around in his jeep promoting Street Money, giving local artists an opportunity to be heard as well as a behind the scenes view on some of the industry artists at the time. I actually have a old freestyle on one of the old Street Money DVDs.

Street Money Magazine: Why did you decide to release Thug Literature vol. 1?

Nature: Because I’m still passionate about music, people have been asking me to do a project for over 2 years and after 6 years since I last recorded I decided it was time. A lot of the music today sounds the same, and that’s not a knock to anyone eating off their music, I just feel like my context/content needs to be heard as a switch of pace to what’s now norm.

Street Money Magazine: What sets you apart from other artist?

Nature: You’ll have to see when the tape drops. All I can say is that I consider myself extremely versatile, not only in cadence or bar patterns but in what you’ll get in a totality from a project. It has something for everybody!! The D-boys, the street shit, for the ladies, and I can paint pictures using the words, I tell stories not just punch or rhyme words.

Street Money Magazine: What should we expect from Thug Literature vol. 1, and what singles will you release?

Nature: Celebrity will probably be the lead single from vol. 1… Thug Literature is a 3 part project so the other 2 singles haven’t been decided on yet. But u can expect something that is COMPLETE. Again, ppl will hear and get a little of everything from the project. It’s gonna relate to a lot of ppl.


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