“What If?” by artist: Eye Saw

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Eye Saw is an artist/musician with thought provoking and energizing music. Eye Saw’s perspective is to tear down the lies of society in hopes for more to step into awareness of truth/consciousness of life. Discovering passion in writing has brought an accumulation of music with a unique point of view. He calls it the Cue Summit. How Eye Saw comes across, he looks to tap into the masses like on a mountain top, able to see the big picture. Eye Saw is yelling out his voice in hopes that the echoes that he speaks can be heard by a listening ear. Eye Saw’s sound is refreshing enough to feel his true emotions through the microphone in the booth. Hooks with meaning and clever allegories will entrance the listener to the world of the Q Summit.

social media links:
twitter.com/eyesaw8 & twitter.com/eyesaw9
Listen to What IF? by Eye Saw on #SoundCloud



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